simple accounting

We are an accounting firm that focuses on the day to day financial management for your organization. We literally become your accounting department.

You get our team of CFO’s, accountants and bookkeepers who simplify your finances. We pay the bills, record deposits, file your taxes and run your payroll all while clearly walking you through a monthly narrative so you understand exactly where you are and how to move your organization forward. We call it “Simple Knowing and Simple Doing”.


Turn outsourced bookkeeping to your advantage

What if you could do what you want to do and focus on business issues that matter most? Unfortunately, there are too many time-killers to run your organization this way, with bookkeeping being one of the most time-consuming of them. If you’re a CEO who goes all out to keep an eye on finances on your own, you simply don’t have time to reconsider your business strategies when it’s necessary. You can’t be a jack-of-all-trades, but it’s up to you to outsource the stress related tasks to accounting services to those who already know the ropes.

dime is a boon to business owners who are fed up with being baffled every time they get to accounting. We are here to provide professional bookkeeping services in Alpharetta, Georgia to save the most valuable asset of yours – time. With us on your side, nothing can keep you from moving forward and reaching your key targets.


Meet your hand-picked team of accountants in Alpharetta, GA

Financial management ties business owners up in knots unless they leave it to dime. If you choose to count on us, you will be provided with another accounting department for your organization, meaning that we will take care of everything from paying bills to filing taxes. You name it – we handle it.

We are a bookkeeping and accounting firm that aims to simplify all financial experiences for you. That is why our team is made up of not only bookkeepers and accountants but also CFOs, tax specialists, and lawyers. They are knowledgeable professionals who will expertly guide you through financial management and make it a breeze. We take pride in our combined expertise, which allows us to be of service to small businesses, nonprofit organizations, churches, etc.


What’s included in our business accounting services?

Whether you have a hard time tracking expenses of your nonprofit, or you find financial planning too daunting to deal with, you will definitely benefit from outsourcing your headaches to our accounting agency. At dime, we specialize in:

  • managing day-to-day finances, including accounts payable and accounts receivable

  • filing taxes

  • managing organization’s capital

  • record-keeping and reporting

  • determining available ways to achieve the company’s strategic goals

  • consulting

  • running a payroll

  • and more

When it comes to payroll management, you can either outsource it to dime so that we handle and submit all the paperwork (on deposits, taxes, etc.), or you can easily do that on your own with the help of our system. Payroll details will be available to your employees if needed.



We provide simple day to day bookkeeping and accounting for organizations of all sizes. We pay the bills, record the deposits, track all receivables, reconcile everything. We then give you reports that provide direct insight into your organization’s finances and consulting to advise on how to respond.


cfo & consulting

Whether you’re a small business, church or non-profit, this is where your vision meets our expertise. We assign you to a seasoned, high level financial strategist to help clearly define where you’re going, build a strategy to help you get there and to hold you accountable to the goals set before you.



Simple turn-key solution for your payroll needs. This includes new hire paperwork, direct deposits, tax filings, timesheets, reporting and everything in-between. We can submit the payroll for you or you can submit it yourself using our system. We even give each of your employees a login to download their paystubs and view their payroll information.


All you have to do is turn to dime

With our team standing behind your accounting, your organization will never grapple with late payments, unpaid taxes, or missing financial reports. We will free up your time, enabling you to devote it to developing new ideas and getting your business closer to where it’s meant to be.

Be the boss who drives his or her company forward, no matter what. The only thing you need to do is join a myriad of organizations that have already outsourced accounting services to dime!