budgeting for new churches

When a church is getting started, there are a lot of expenses and very little, if any, income, creating a massive gap between income and expenses.

As the church gets established, expenses come down (there’s not as much capital being purchased), and people start attending and giving, so income increases. The gap comes closer together.

so, what about online giving?

In recording tithes and offerings for churches (I’m a bookkeeper), I’ve started to ponder the whole giving electronically thing (or e-tithing). I thought I’d bring the discussion to the Ps20 world in hopes that some pastor or wise lay man or woman could settle the issue and I can go on my merry way.

how does a housing allowance work and who is eligible?

Any ordained minister (as defined by their denomination or elder board) is considered a “Duel Status employee”.  This basically means that they are considered self-employed AND fully employed by the church. That said, an ordained minister is allowed to consider some of their income as a “housing allowance”.  Historically, some churches offered a parsonage, but those are now fairly few and far between.  For the purposes of this discussion, we’re going to assume that this is a standard ordained minister.