How We Work

Everything we do depends upon good communication between us. The primary method of communication is via email. You will send us information as attachments into a unique email inbox set up just for you. This email creates a “ticket” for in our system called DESK (another element of the TEAMWORK software platform). This system also generate an acknowledgment of your submission. Here is a list of the typical documents that you will be sending:

  1. Bill, and vendors invoices for us to pay,

  2. Expense reports for us to reimburse employee,

  3. Bank deposit information,

  4. Customer receipts information,

  5. Check request form for us to pay,

  6. Credit card coding information.

  7. Copy of a manual check written at your location,

After scanning documents and attaching to the email submission, mark those documents as “SENT” with a date and file them. You will need to set up a filing system on your end for all the paper copies of things you send to us as electronic pdf documents [invoices, expense reports, receipts documents, check requests]. This is super important so you don’t end up duplicating your submissions.

There is more to the process of submitting documents to us. It’s called “BATCH” processing. It means to group items together by type and process each type separately. If possible and within reason, try to group documents and send them based on these three groups:

  1. Payables – bills, invoices for us to pay,

  2. Receipts – bank information about cash that your received,

  3. All other – copies of info needed for accounting, such as manual check copies.

We will discuss more about timing for submission but in general think about sending documents during the week that need to be processed, paid in the following week. This should provide adequate time for us to enter, review and then process payments.

KEY POINT: Batch documents by type, scan and submit to your unique DESK email address, then mark paper versions as ”SENT” and file them away.

Your direct accounting team will consist of:

Accounting Manager

  1. Oversee the accounting function,

  2. Reviews the bookkeeper work,

  3. Processes / releases check payments for payment; 

  4. Responsible for accuracy and adequacy of your financial reports; 

  5. Will prepare annual budget (fees may apply for this work);

  6. Advise or consult on projects and strategic plans (fees may apply for this work);


  1. Serves as the primary point of contact and person responsible for carrying out the day-to-day accounting functions for the organization. 

  2. Records transactions in Quickbooks accounting system;

  3. Logs into financial accounts online – bank, credit card;

  4. Reconciles bank accounts;

Separate and distinct from your direct accounting team, these individuals may provide services:

Payroll –  

Any payroll related needs will be submitted to the payroll email address above. You can reach your direct payroll manager via phone at 678-287-1090 x 1149.

Tax – 

Brittany Tan, CPA is our resident tax CPA. Any high level questions need to be directed to Kristy through your Accountant or Controller. Brittany and her team do all of our customers’ corporate and individual tax returns. If you’d like her to do your taxes, please email her.

Insurance –  

Dime Insurance will help you with all of your commercial insurance needs. If you have any insurance questions or would like to receive a quote, please email them directly.