our simple solution

You deserve the best modern technology has to offer in a simple solution without paying the premium off-rack price. We go the extra mile to provide that in every way with our pricing, on-boarding, support and security.



20+ years combined team experience in payments

$200 million processed in 2018 from 10 million transactions


setup + support


dedicated support

24 hour access by: email, text and phone


in house developers

It's one thing to have REST API's, it's another to have someone who can do the heavy lifting


implementation specialists

From high level API access to step-by-step hand holding, we're there at every step until you're happy


fraud protection

Compliance, Secured Data, and a whole host of security measures are behind our transactions


hosted payments

No need to store payments on your own server or handle any sensitive card data


swiping options

Clover Terminal Family + more
Dedicated, fully integrated, mobile, 3rd party app store + many more simple plug n play terminals

Virtual Terminals
Easy to setup, fully customizable

Mobile Pay
Access today App Store/Google



2.7% + $0.27 All Card Types

0.50% + $0.25 for ACH