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You deserve the best modern technology has to offer in a simple solution without paying the premium off-rack price. We go the extra mile to provide that in every way with our pricing, on-boarding, support and security.


dime – a simple e-payment system for small businesses and non-profit organizations

A decade ago, the ability to pay online was considered a luxury. Today, it is more of a necessity. People are getting increasingly comfortable with paying their bills, shopping, and booking services on the Internet. In fact, people have grown so accustomed to solving any problem in just a few clicks that inability to do so gets them extremely frustrated. So if you don’t have an online payment system yet, no responsive web design or high rankings in Google will save you from losing money and loyal followers.

dime is a payment solutions company in Alpharetta, GA that helps small businesses, non-profits, and churches implement a simple and secure online payment system to handle their financial transactions more efficiently than ever. Our aim is to let you grow your business, be creative, and follow your mission, while we handle the technical side. As one of the top online payment providers on the market, we can promise you excellent customer service, top-notch security, data hosting, and a dedicated team of developers working on custom solutions for your project and offering you 24/7 technical support.



20+ years combined team experience in payments

$200 million processed in 2018 from 10 million transactions


Specifics of online payments for non-profits

As a non-profit organization, you should be interested in providing your members or donors with a secure payment platform. It should be mentioned that implementing online transaction solutions on your website is guaranteed to boost the number of donations you get astronomically. The logic is simple: the easier it is to donate – the more eagerly people will do it. Before, a person needed to go to an organization or a church to solicit a donation, pay for a membership, or purchase tickets for an event. With dime non-profit and church payment processing systems, all your members will need is Internet and a credit/debit card. It is that simple!


setup + support


dedicated support

24 hour access by: email, text and phone


in house developers

It's one thing to have REST API's, it's another to have someone who can do the heavy lifting


implementation specialists

From high level API access to step-by-step hand holding, we're there at every step until you're happy


fraud protection

Compliance, Secured Data, and a whole host of security measures are behind our transactions


hosted payments

No need to store payments on your own server or handle any sensitive card data


3 benefits of online payment services


If you are still collecting payments through physical cash registers or checks, it is time to consider implementing an online payment system, and here is why:


High expectations

Make sure your customers, members, and followers always have a pleasant experience dealing with your store, organization, or church. When they decide to buy or make a donation, they expect the process to be quick and easy. Don’t disappoint!

Quick processing

Online payment services are much faster than manual ones. It takes merely a couple of seconds to submit payment and update your bank account to receive a transaction confirmation. Unlike a cashier, a payment system can deal with multiple transactions at once, increasing the cash flow to your business, non-profit, or church around the clock.


You don’t need to store the data on your own server and deal with sensitive credit card information. dime offers hosting services and takes security measures for every transaction.


There are a lot of online payment solutions for non-profits on the market, so why should you choose dime? Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in payments and has processed over $200 million throughout 2018. It has more than 10 million secure transactions! With dime, you get innovative technology that you and your clients can trust at an affordable price. For more information, contact us at any time.


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Clover Terminal Family + more
Dedicated, fully integrated, mobile, 3rd party app store + many more simple plug n play terminals

Virtual Terminals
Easy to setup, fully customizable

Mobile Pay
Access today App Store/Google



2.7% + $0.27 All Card Types

0.50% + $0.25 for ACH