human resource

the art of project management: episode 14

In this dime podcast, dime Chief Revenue Officer, Grant Schmeelk joins Nils Smith to talk about banking and finance for churches and small businesses. Grant covers the basics of banking, the good and the bad of it, what organizations should consider in choosing banks, and much more. Listen to this podcast to get helpful insights in the world of banking.

human resources 101: episode 11

When we talk about Human Resources, some of the things that come to mind are performance reviews, disciplinary actions, and insurance meetings, but to Matt Martin, General Counsel and HR Director at dime, there’s more. Listen to this podcast as Matt and co-host, Nils Smith, discuss in-depth Human Resources and how it is a vital part of an organization’s health.

structuring your organization legally: episode 06

Whether you’re a small business, a nonprofit or a church, the first step to legitimize yourself is to structure your organization legally. In this episode, Ben Habeck, Founder and CEO of dime, and co-host Nils Smith share helpful insights on preparing the required documents, and a few other tips to help you un-complicate the complicated part of doing business. Listen to this podcast.

hiring well: episode 04

When it comes to hiring people, most business owners and nonprofit leaders struggle with finding the right person to fill the position. In this episode of the podcast, Ben Habeck, Founder and CEO of dime, joins Nils Smith to discuss the importance of strategic planning for employers, especially when writing job descriptions, creating an employee handbook, filtering the right people to interview, determining salaries, and more.