investing in your team: episode 10

Building a strong team is critical to the success of any church, nonprofit or small business. As a leader, how and when should you invest in your team? In this podcast, Ben Habeck, Founder and CEO of dime and co-host Nils Smith delve into this matter. Listen to learn more. 

determining your technology budget: episode 09

In today’s digital age, technology has been well integrated into many aspects of our lives. From budgeting for social media expenses like social media personnel, to annual costs of keeping a website, should there be a standard on how much an organization should spend on technology? In this podcast, Ben Habeck, Founder and CEO of dime and co-host Nils Smith discuss the basics and more on determining your technology budget. Listen as they share their personal experiences on the mistakes and the lessons they’ve learned when it comes to technology.

preparing for a new fiscal year: episode 08

In this podcast, Ben Habeck and Nils Smith talk about how to prepare for a new fiscal year, including your budget and plan, that is imperative to your small business, church or nonprofit organization. They also delve into the difference between a fiscal year and a calendar year, the importance of budget planning, the particular expenses to carry over the next year, and more.

determining insurance needs: episode 05

When it comes to hiring people, most business owners and nonprofit leaders struggle with finding the right person to fill the position. In this episode of the podcast, Ben Habeck, Founder and CEO of dime, joins Nils Smith to discuss the importance of strategic planning for employers, especially when writing job descriptions, creating an employee handbook, filtering the right people to interview, determining salaries, and more.