working with the bank: episode 13

In this dime podcast, dime Chief Revenue Officer, Grant Schmeelk joins Nils Smith to talk about banking and finance for churches and small businesses. Grant covers the basics of banking, the good and the bad of it, what organizations should consider in choosing banks, and much more. Listen to this podcast to get helpful insights in the world of banking.

let me talk to my lawyer: episode 07

Whether you’re a small business, a nonprofit or a church, the first step to legitimize yourself is to structure your organization legally. In this episode, Ben Habeck, Founder and CEO of dime, and co-host Nils Smith share helpful insights on preparing the required documents, and a few other tips to help you un-complicate the complicated part of doing business. Listen to this podcast.

receiving money: episode 03

Receiving money is not as easy as it looks. Money is essential for every organization to survive and succeed, so how should we approach receiving money? Credit card fees, bank charges, and proper documentation are some things small businesses and nonprofit organizations tend to overlook. In this episode, Ben Habeck, Founder and CEO of dime and co-host Nils Smith talk about the right protocol and ways of handling money received.

navigating debt: episode 02

Most small business owners and nonprofit leaders would rather stray from debt for fear of sinking into a terrible black hole. In this episode, Ben Habeck, Founder and CEO of dime, joins Nils Smith to discuss debt and why utilizing it appropriately might be helpful for your business. Questions on choosing the best debt options for your organization, managing debt, and more are discussed to help you make better financial decisions for your business or nonprofit organization. Learn more about debt and its many facets by listening to this week’s podcast.