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We’re not your normal suit and tie kind of CPA’s. We don’t want to just see you once a year when we do your taxes. We actually want to have a relationship with you and we want to help you plan for your future. We specialize in tax returns and tax planning with the goal of “no surprises”. You shouldn’t ever be surprised by a big tax bill or an issue with the IRS.

We’ve got your back.


tax returns

Whether you’re a business owner, pastor, musician, or individual we can help. Taxes are complicated and laws seem to change daily. Well, we’ve got it under control. We’ll prepare your taxes and file them for you. We’ll then work with you to plan for next year.



Think of myCFO as your own personal CFO; your go to person for anything “money”.

myCFO is a high level financial consultant for individuals, freelancers and small businesses, usually under $1MM in annual income. myCFO combines annual strategic planning with your own day to day financial management to provide a direct line of sight into tax planning and efficiencies.